Commonly made mistakes in hotel security

  • It won’t happen here … Are you sure you are prepared for all of this :

    • Boston Marathon bombing

    • Paris terrorist shootings

    • Brussels airport bombing

    • Vehicle attacks in Nice, Berlin, London, Stockholm & Barcelona.

     And the list is endless ...

  • Are you using a key-card system ? Do you know where all your master keys are, do you have an up-to-date inventory of the masters ?

  • Are you prepared for an evacuation ? Have you recently done an exercise, and are all your staff members fully up to date with the procedures ?

  • Do you have a first-aid kit ? Where is it situated ? Do you always have at least one person with first-aid knowledge on duty ?

  • What are you doing in case of a power-failure ? Do you have any backups in place, and when did you last do a test ?

  • Is your hotel computer network (including wifi) safe ? When was it last audited, and are you confident that no intrusion can happen.

  • Is the hotel patrolled ? What about during the night ? And how are incidents treated and acted upon ?

  • Are emergency telephone numbers clearly displayed for all staff members in all departments ?

Quality Hotel Services can help you to conduct a comprehensive security audit.

An extensive report is part of our deliverables. Of course we can also assist with recommendations, and action plans if required.

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