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It is essential that you inform guests on the latest situation in your [city] or [country]

Before their arrival, via your website

Upon arrival with any relevant updated details

The template that we provide contains all necessary paragraphs.

You will only need to adapt it to your local requirements, and to any services that you may/may not provide.

This document is provided in English, in WORD (.doc) format.

Table of Contents

  • Arrival and Departure

    • Special / New considerations

    • Future reservations

    • Change and cancellation policies

  • Public spaces in the hotel

    • Ground markings

    • Social distancing

    • Increased cleaning

    • Masks

  • How we are cleaning your room


  • How we are organizing meals in the hotel

    • Breakfast

    • Lunch

    • Dinner

    • Bar

  • Medical assistance in the hotel / In the Area

  • Main contact points in the hotel

  • What is available in the hotel

  • What can I do

  • What should I do if I feel ill?

  • Other

  • FAQ

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