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Hotel Security Audit

Our Commitment :

We provide extensive Security Audits.

A comprehensive checklist will be used by our consultant on-site, and you will be advised on all aspects found.


  • Did you think about an emergency press communication plan ?

  • About the evacuation of handicapped guests ?

  • Have you considered any terrorist threats ?

  • And if you did consider them, when did you hold your latest awareness or simulation exercise ?

We have a security checklist containing 200 different aspects related to hotel security. Upon completion of the checklist, a score is attributed, and the hotel will know how they rank up against other properties.

The summary report will provide you with recommendations on all aspects found, and is easily turned into an action plan for improving all security related aspects.

Timeline :

  • small/medium hotels are usually completed within a 24h visit.

  • large hotels usually take less then 48h to complete.

  • Preliminary results are shared with the hotel management before leaving.

  • The full report is provided within 3 working days.


Prices :

  • Prices depend on location and travel time involved - contact us for details.

Some security aspects which are commonly overlooked ....

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